God Doesn’t Make Failures

Did you know that the love of God doesn’t wax and wane based on our
ability to be "righteous"? Did you know that although we were made to
please God, His love doesn’t stop when we don’t please Him? He could
not love us any more than He does, lest He stop loving Himself. You
see, love was not meant to be selfless, it was meant to be unselfish.

Selfless is not the opposite of selfish. We were never meant to be selfless. "You shall love your
neighbor as yourself." If I did not love myself, how could I know how
much to love my neighbor? I cannot love my neighbor more than myself,
only as much as I love myself. If I do not love myself, I cannot love
my neighbor, or my spouse, or my kids.

What is the opposite of
love, hate? No, it’s fear. For only love can cast out fear. Hatred is a
symptom of fear. I cannot hate what I do not fear, can I? Without fear,
hate would be turned to pity. The things that I would otherwise pity,
if I fear them, that pity is turned to hatred. If you fear, you have
lost love.

My child, you must learn to love YOU. You must learn
that from your Father. For Father loves Himself, and because He does,
He made you so He could share His love and pour it out on you. If you
do not know this, you do not know love. For it is in this that we know
love, that He gave His only Son who then set aside His own soul – his
mind, will, and emotions – for your sake,

The payment for our
sin was not the cross that Jesus bore… His stripes were for our body.
The payment that He made for us was to be separated from His Father so
that we would never have to know that separation. If we accept His love
and do NOT TRY TO EARN IT, then nothing shall ever ever ever separate
us from the Love of God. NOTHING. EVER.

There it is… the glass… it’s on the bar… will you drink it?

connects. One word to another… one thought to another… heart to
heart… body, soul, spirit… connect. Our spirits touch.. Our souls
mingle… We can receive the energy when we need it, for it is freely
given… we give energy back when we have it, and it is gratefully
received. Those we touch remain touched. What was shared cannot be
unshared even though we may try to close it off.

We cannot
walk backwards, even if we try. It is a forward journey, and an
adventure it is. How will you see it? I want to wake up every morning
to the adventure. To embrace it. Yes, some days just plain suck, but
life is good, and it goes on. You have seen the stickers, "Shit

No…. LIFE HAPPENS…. SHIT PASSES. it doesn’t stay. wasn’t meant to. Let it pass.

What is the greatest calling of love?

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