Who You Are – Who I Am

It’s important that you know who you are. Oh, there is so much that I could write about that right now. You shouldn’t even consider getting married until you know who you are… but that’s not the reason I’m writing this.

Who are you?

You are who you think you are. It’s scriptural. Your perception of
yourself drives you to become who you think you are. There are limits
to this, of course, but I know that for most people who are sane and reasonable, this is the truth. If you think that you are a good employee, you will act like one.

I know, there are exceptions on a case-by-case basis, but what I can
tell you is this. No one but YOU and God has the right to determine who
YOU are. You don’t belong to any man or woman, you belong to God. He
tells you who you are. You can choose to accept that or not, and that’s
where YOU determine who you are. If you find that others are setting
your perceptions, it’s still YOU who choose to believe what others say
about you or to you. YOU decide who you are; either you accept the
TRUTH of what God says, or you choose something else. Either way… YOU

You must separate CHOICE from FEELINGS. You don’t FEEL who you are,
you CHOOSE who you are. You cannot walk by emotion; you must walk by
FAITH. Faith is what you know to be true regardless of what appears to be true. Got that?

If you don’t know who you are… how do you find out? It’s easy, and
it’s hard. The hard part: You must love God with all your heart, all
your soul, all your mind, and all your strength. That is the primary
commandment; the GREAT commandment. Love God. Spend time with Him. Talk
to Him. Listen to Him. 

What’s the easy part? Ask Him. And then listen. Obey what He tells
you to do. BELIEVE what He tells you about yourself. Then walk in it.
It changes from what you heard to what you KNOW. THAT IS FAITH.

You decide. Who are you?

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